App question.

What's your favorite crackberry app, and why?


Google Talk. With it on my phone, I'm not chained to my computer all the time. (I have a desktop and I chat with my best friend via Gtalk for hours on end. With Gtalk on my phone, I can chat while doing laundry or walking around the block or just watching a movie downstairs.)

Twitter. Because chat rooms are so twentieth century.

Amazon Kindle. The app itself is free, which is better than paying $260 for hardware. I have a ridiculously short attention span and regularly read books in the checkout line at Wally World, but this way I can just read on my phone instead of bringing a paperback with me. :)
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new BB user

I recently got a Blackberry Pearl, and I love it. (iPhone can eat it)
Anyway, are there any applications or enhancements you could recommend for me as a new user? :)

Also I'm a bit confused about the BB Messenger. Can anyone use it or is it for BB users only from their phones?

Viigo 3.0 [Software Review]

The latest version of Viigo's software application for the BlackBerry offers a range of stylistic and technical improvements over the previous beta edition. The following is a rundown of some of the new features and enhancements available in the current release.

Overview of Viigo 3.0 )

Download Link: Viigo 3.0

Question: Who's using Apps now?

Hi there...owner of a Blackberry Pearl Flip here, and I love it. (enough I'm thinking of a second one, or the Curve, for my account instead of the G1)

My question is, who is using the apps now? What do you think of them? I've been too lazy to explore much (and have little time, some days) but I was curious what people thought.

By the by, I sell cell phones, so my App experience has been through the iPhone and the G1 to date.
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Welcome to the community!

This community will hopefully blossom into a place to catch up on the latest BlackBerry news and information and to share tips and tricks for using these phones. Enjoy!