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Viigo 3.0 [Software Review]

The latest version of Viigo's software application for the BlackBerry offers a range of stylistic and technical improvements over the previous beta edition. The following is a rundown of some of the new features and enhancements available in the current release.

For those who have previously used Viigo, the differences will be apparent right from the start. Before you install Viigo Alpha, you'll need to uninstall the version currently on your phone in order to prevent any potential conflicts. Once you install the new client, you can enter your username and password and Viigo will upload your old RSS feeds. Note: Any application settings (articles per channel, update interval, etc) that you modified beforehand will have been reset to their default values, so you may need to change them back once the application starts up.The user interface has gotten a slight cosmetic overhaul – fonts and colors are noticeably sharper. In addition, a number of new features are present right on the home page:
News and RSS
Stocks & Finance
Audio and Podcasts (NEW)Local Interest
Social Networks (NEW)Entertainment
Flights and Travel
Send Viigo to a Friend

Audio and Podcasts

This is perhaps the biggest change coming to Viigo – one that a number of users have been waiting to see. When you click on Audio and Podcasts, you can browse Viigo's audio channels and select from a variety of podcasts that can be downloaded directly to your device. Categories include: Arts, Business and Money, Comedy, Education, Music, News and Media, and many more. When a podcast item is selected, it is played on the device using Viigo's native media player. It should be noted that, because this is streaming audio, users should make certain they have an unlimited data plan with their carrier in order to avoid potentially huge data charges.

Social Networks

Users of services like Twitter can now access their Twitter feeds directly from Viigo. Upon authenticating your Twitter credentials, you can select from the following channels:

Public Timeline
Favorites Entries
Friends Timeline
Followers Timeline
Direct Messages

You can also search for specific keywords, and reply to users/retweet items while reading. This can essentially eliminate the need for a separate Twitter client such as TwitterBerry or UberTwitter – definitely something to consider, given the limited onboard memory of the BlackBerry. Overall, the newest version of Viigo has a lot going for it. It's well on its way to becoming a 'one stop shop' of sorts for keeping your online life organized. Instead of having to deal with multiple apps like Twitter, Google Reader and Weatherbug, you can have everything assembled in one place for easy access at any time. This is one application that many BlackBerry users will find handy – for both personal and business use.

Download Link: Viigo 3.0