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The Patriotic Earthling ([personal profile] orbitaldiamonds) wrote in [community profile] blackberry2010-05-06 11:06 pm

App question.

What's your favorite crackberry app, and why?


Google Talk. With it on my phone, I'm not chained to my computer all the time. (I have a desktop and I chat with my best friend via Gtalk for hours on end. With Gtalk on my phone, I can chat while doing laundry or walking around the block or just watching a movie downstairs.)

Twitter. Because chat rooms are so twentieth century.

Amazon Kindle. The app itself is free, which is better than paying $260 for hardware. I have a ridiculously short attention span and regularly read books in the checkout line at Wally World, but this way I can just read on my phone instead of bringing a paperback with me. :)