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Katie Noel ([personal profile] teaplease) wrote in [community profile] blackberry2009-07-22 02:58 pm

new BB user

I recently got a Blackberry Pearl, and I love it. (iPhone can eat it)
Anyway, are there any applications or enhancements you could recommend for me as a new user? :)

Also I'm a bit confused about the BB Messenger. Can anyone use it or is it for BB users only from their phones?
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[personal profile] mu 2009-07-23 05:06 pm (UTC)(link)
great names think alike with usernames, it seems ;)

who is your carrier? I'm with T-Mobile, and we had to get some kind of data plan with our phones... we started out with email-only ($10 per month) and then eventually I got the unlimited data plan, while my husband has stuck with email only; he doesn't actually use it, but since we have to have a data plan, it works.

so... I'm not sure if the BB messenger requires a data plan, since we had to have one to activate our phones. I want to say yes, but am not sure.

ooh, if you're moving -- check out Google Maps too!
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